Traveling without children

Traveling without children

Traveling without kids: we knew we had a wedding in Montreal in November, around the time our daughter was going to be 15 months. This felt like a good time to plan a trip without her. She’s been at daycare now for 3.5 months and has been loving it, she loves spending time with her grandparents and so this felt like an easy short 4 night/5 day trip. Things I didn’t realize would arise when we actually were leaving:

1. Mommy guilt: the dreaded mommy guilt kicked in, would she be okay without both of her parents? Would she feel abandoned that we weren’t there? Would she behave well for her grandparents? Would she be okay with a different setting and schedule?

2. Planning: there is a lot of planning to get your little one ready for a five day trip to the grandparents- packing all the essentials, writing out schedules, writing out emergency numbers, leaving health cards and baby Tylenol… the list goes on.

3. FaceTime: How excited you are to see your little one’s face on FaceTime! Thank goodness for FaceTime- without it, I don’t know if I could turn my mind off my daughter while away. Seeing her a few times per day happy and loving being with her grandparents makes all the above worth it!
What have been your ‘traveling without kids’ experience?

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