What do you need to buy before baby is born?

What do you need to buy before baby is born?

What do you really need to buy before your baby is born? Before our first little one was born, I found it so overwhelming- what do I need? Toys, clothes, furniture, parenting books, feeding apparatus- the list can be endless and the lists on all the baby registry websites were so long and so expensive! So I tried asking my friends for their top ten most important things I needed to have prior to having my baby and this is what I heard.

1. Bassinet and sheets- babies don’t usually sleep in their cribs until a few months so it’s not even necessary to get that prior to labour and delivery. #ad we just got the Fisher-Price® Soothing Motions Bassinet and our new LO loves it! We recently moved into a house so we have one bassinet in our room and one on the main floor. We have kept the Fisher-Price® Sooting Motions Bassinet on the first floor and it’s a great place to put baby down for naps. She is lulled to sleep by the motion, so instead of always having to rock her to sleep, I can spend time with my toddler while the bassinet does the rocking. The Fisher-Price® Soothing Motions Bassinet is available at Babies “R”Us/Walmart/Amazon.

2. Change pad/table plus newborn diapers, wipes, and diaper cream, diaper pail

3. All purpose nipple ointment- just in case you need it for nipple pain during nursing

4. Sound machine- to help baby sleep. Checkout my post on @momsandbeyond about sound machine safety! #ad We just got the Fisher-Price® Music and Lights Elephant sound machine (available on Amazon). First of all, it’s way cuter in the nursery than the typical noise machine. Secondly, there are sounds and classical music programmed which I love because I love listening to classical music when I’m nursing the baby. Thirdly, I like that you can choose how long to keep the sound going for. For my older daughter, we used to keep it on all night long but then realized she only needed it to fall asleep and so would program if for 120 minutes so that she wasn’t listening to white noise all night long (and it’s plug in so no batteries required!!)

5. Burp cloths/swaddles- checkout my previous posts on swaddling safety! But
both our girls have loved swaddling whether in real swaddles or burp cloths or
muslin blankets.

6. Onesies and hats- depending on the size expected you may need newborn sized or 0-3 months (for our first we bought 0-3 months and they were way too big so we went out and bought a few newborn onesies that she outgrew quickly, vs with our second baby, her newborn onesies are still big on her at almost 1 month)
Hats to keep baby warm!

7. Car seat and car seat cover- to keep people from touching and prodding your newborn, keep the sun and wind off your baby and so on

8. Stroller- we got ours at the same time as our car seat and it was nice to have so we could go on walks with the baby right away

9. Hand sanitizer- for post diaper changes and for guests who want to touch your newborn
10. baby bath/shampoo/bodywash/washcloths/towels: again these things aren’t necessary your first day back from the hospital as your baby will receive a bath in the hospital but it’s nice to have it organized so you don’t have to run out to get baby shampoo/bodywash during your first week home. During the first few days, before the umbilical cord falls off, your baby is sponge bathed so you don’t even need a baby bath at the beginning. And you can always use your own towel and washcloths (I’d recommend just washing them with baby detergent first) but I would definitely buy some baby shampoo/babywash.

Other things you can pick up: nail clippers, baby bath, baby shampoo/body wash, washcloths/towels, bottles/sanitizer/formula/lunchbox and freezer pack if you’re bottlefeeding, breast pump and accessories if breastfeeding, baby laundry detergent, breast pads, baby thermometer.

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