Sleep Begets Sleep

Sleep Begets Sleep

Sleep tip of the day: ⁣

So last year I did tips of the day and you guys seemed to like them. So I’m going to try to incorporate these in my weekly posts. Let me know if there are any tips you want to share!⁣

Today’s tip: Sleep Begets Sleep in babies. Babies need sleep, when a baby is overtired they don’t sleep as well as when they are well rested- so don’t skip naps during the day in the hopes your baby will sleep longer at night. ⁣

Did you find this with your own children? We sure do! If I am diligent at helping my babies go down for their naps, they are less cranky and sleep better at night. When we have to break our schedules or I don’t pick up on wake windows or sleep cues, I find them cranky and they sleep worse. ⁣Sleep definitely begets sleep for my children. ⁣ 🛏 💤

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