Sleep Cues

Sleep Cues

Sleep cues:⁣ 😴 💤 🛏 ⁣

With my older daughter we used sleep cues to help us determine when she should go down for naps. My other daughter is 2 months now and I just started using sleep cues now as she is having longer wake windows to determine when I should put her down to a nap. I find right now I’m just picking up on yawns, but I remember with my older daughter that if I caught her a little earlier than yawns she would go down easily. Do you use sleep cues? Which ones do you notice well in your children?⁣

Sleep cues include: decreased activity, eyes appear glazed or less focused, drooping eyelids, pulling ears, less vocal, less interested in playing, sucking slower, yawning. ⁣

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