Playground Safety

Playground Safety

Playground safety: our daughter is obsessed with the park now that we finally are having spring-like weather!⁣

Things to look out for at the park:⁣
– make sure the structures are appropriate for your child’s development ⁣
-make sure the ground is appropriate for when your child falls (I say when, not if because all toddlers fall at the park)- good park floors are made of wood chips, rubber or sand⁣
-make sure the park is clean and there isn’t any glass, garbage or animal feces around⁣
– always supervise your child when they are at the park, stay close when your child is less than 5 years old⁣
– teach your children to wait their turn and be careful that other children are not in their way⁣
-make sure your kids’ clothes don’t have any strings or pieces that can get caught and wrap around their necks ⁣

Most playground accidents involve falling. The most common injury is falling from a swing…. so keep a close eye while your kids are on the swing. ⁣

For more information check out the CPS position statement called Preventing Playground Injuries.⁣

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