Sleep Routines

Sleep Routines

Sleep routines:⁣

Our older daughter recently started fighting going to sleep. She would cry and cry when it was time for bed and then just play in her crib way into the night. At first it was just cute to watch her play in her crib and talk to herself but then it was getting later and later that she would stay up until the other night we went to bed before she was asleep. So we tried to figure out what to do. We went back to the basics and realized we had let her bedtime routine slip a little because of our younger daughter and later evenings at the park. ⁣

So for the past few nights we began following a more set bedtime routine again. We would bring her into her room, changer her into her pjs, dim the lights, start reading some books and letting her put us to sleep on the floor until around 7:30pm and then we’d put her down and now there is no more fighting sleep or bedtime! ⁣

This was a good reminder for me, that bedtime routines are so important, not only for my 3 month old but equally, if not more important, for my almost 2-year old.⁣

What’s your bedtime routine??⁣

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