Bedtime with Two Children

Bedtime with Two Children

Bedtime with two kids:⁣

Yesterday I posted about the importance of bedtime routines. So someone asked how I handle both kids for bedtime. Great question! So I’ll be honest, I have yet to do bedtime with the two of them by myself. I’ve always had my husband around. So what we do, is divide and conquer. I take the 3 month old and feed her, while my husband serves my 22 month old dinner. We then take them each to their rooms to do baths separately- the goal will be to bathe them together once the baby can sit up unassisted in the bath. I then change the baby into pjs and sleep sack, read Goodnight moon and put her pacifier in and head down to help my husband with the rest of my older daughter’s bedtime routine. Most days I have to go back to my little one to put in the pacifier a few times but otherwise she goes down really easily (around 7:15). Then we play with my older daughter a bit in her room, (my husband puts her in pjs and a sleep diaper after bath). Right now she likes putting us to sleep on the floor with blankets and back rubs (can’t complain!), then we read a book or two and put her in her crib. We then have a ritual where we rub her back and count to ten and then leave the room. So by 7:30pm both girls are in their beds. ⁣

How do you handle putting two or more children to sleep? How do you do it on your own? ⁣

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