Vacationing as a family of 4

Vacationing as a family of 4

First getaway as a family of four:⁣ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

We are in cottage country for our first trip as a family of four. Not only was our car packed to the brim with water toys, swim diapers, clothes, bottles, snacks, sunscreen, books, and so on… we had to navigate two kids not wanting to be in a car for two hours, two different nap schedules, and feeding schedules. ⁣

Like I’ve said in the past, vacationing with little ones is not easy! But there are definitely fun moments. And we are lucky enough our little one can just go with the flow at 3-months. And now with them both sleeping, we can enjoy the peace and quiet and reflect on the day full of highs and lows ! ⁣

What are your family vacation tips?

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