Water Safety

Water Safety

Water safety:⁣

Summer for our family means lots of water activities so how do we keep our kids safe around pools, lakes and boats? There is a really comprehensive article that I love from aboutkidshealth.com that has more information, but in a nutshell:⁣

1. Drowning can occur in 20 seconds, so ALWAYS keep an eye on your children. There should always be someone fully focused on kids in water, not on their phone, not preparing meals, not reading a book but fully engaged.⁣

2. Learning basic CPR for babies and children is always important as this can save lives! How many people have taken a child CPR course? ⁣

3. Children should take swimming lessons by the age of 4. Checkout doctormomMD.com for more information on that! ⁣

4. Children under 3 or who do not know how to swim should wear personal floatation devices (like water wings) or life jackets around open water and should always be within arms reach.⁣ younger kids who do not meet the weight limit for these devices should stay in their parents arms. Again doctormomMD.com has an article on this!

What summer activities do you do with your family?

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