Childhood Memories Have a Lasting Effect

Childhood Memories Have a Lasting Effect

Happy childhood memories correlated with better health as adults:⁣

The study “Retrospective Memories of Parental Care and Health From Mid- to Late Life” found that people who have fond memories of their childhood, especially in relation to their parents have better health, less depression and potentially fewer chronic diseases later in life. Other research has shown that good childhood memories correlate with young adults with higher quality jobs, relationships, lower rates of depression, substance use and health disorders. ⁣

Growing up, my childhood summer memories revolves around our trips to @deerhurstresort (NOT an #ad). My brother and I would swim, play in the lake, go to the shows, play tennis, mini golf, and spend hours reading with my parents. I wanted to pass on these good memories to my children, so we took our two girls for a few days up to the same place that I remember with such fondness from my childhood. While it’s changed a lot in the past years, we still spent a lot of time making sand castles, swimming, playing in the indoor park and walking around. Plus a lot of naps and snacks! ⁣

What are your favourite childhood memories or new memories you’re creating with your own children?⁣

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