4 month Sleep Regression

4 month Sleep Regression

4 month sleep regression:⁣

Don’t let this cute daytime face deceive you- at night we are both not happy campers. Our little almost 4 months and has started an early 4 month sleep regression. Don’t be too scared, not all babies go through this- our older daughter didn’t. But it is very common for 4 month olds, who’ve just recently started giving you longer stretches at night to spend a few weeks (2-6 weeks approx) waking up again every few hours. Our daughter had been sleeping from 7pm until 4am and then again until 7am for a few weeks already when all of a sudden she started getting up at 11, 1, 2, 4 and 6 😴⁣

Why do babies have a “4 month sleep regression?” Around this time our babies are starting to have distinct sleep cycles like we do as adults. These cycles are short and thus they spend a lot of their time in light sleep and so they are awoken much more often. As well, there is a lot of new development happening at this age, and your baby’s brain is highly stimulated most of the day which makes it harder for them to sleep at night. ⁣

What to do about it? You can try some or all of these.⁣
1. First of all, know you’re not alone and this too shall pass!⁣
2. Make sure you have good sleep habits in place! (Bedtime routines, bedtime associations…)⁣
3. Sleep training has been found to have no impact on your child’s future self if don’t after 4 months of age. Check doctormomMD.com for more information on that!⁣
4. Make sure your baby is napping well- sleep begets sleep! You may want to have naptime bedtime routines as well!⁣
5. Try to feed often during the day⁣
6. Try moving your baby out of your room as they may be waking up when you move around and they may sleep better in a quieter environment. This is what we are going to try as we notice when we go to bed she usually wakes up when she hears us moving around. ⁣
6. Contact a sleep specialists if you’re at your wits end! Or discuss with your mommy group. There is no special potion but there are lots of things you can do to help you through this phase if you need!⁣

What helped you get through this phase? How long did it last for you? ⁣

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