4 month old Development

4 month old Development

4 month old Development:

Our daughter turned 4 months old this week, wow time flies!

What to expect at the 4 month well baby visit:

  1. Weight, head circumference and Height check: your doctor will chart your baby’s growth and what they are looking for is your baby to be following one of the growth curves and not falling behind
  2. Physical exam: your doctor will likely check your baby from head to toe as usual and make sure there aren’t any physical signs of illness.
  3. Gross motor: your baby should be lifting their head and chest when they are on their tummy, they should be holding their head steady when you hold them in a sitting position, and they should be rolling from their tummy’s to their backs.
  4. Fine motor: your baby should briefly be able to hold an object when you place it in their hand, they should be reaching for objects that are above their body
  5. Language: they should be turning their head towards noises and voices
  6. Social: your baby should be laughing, tracking faces and toys as they move, responding with sounds and leg movements when they are happy like when they see people

Activities to help with development according to the Nippising Screen include- see below:

  • Talk and sing and hold your baby close to you to help with attachment
  • Playing includes: tickling, massaging, clapping your baby’s hands, showing your baby his/her hands
  • Make sure they practice tummy time and place mirrors or bright coloured toys in front of them to keep them interested or get down on the floor face to face with them
  • Imitate your baby’s coos, talk in all different tones, use your baby’s name, have fun trying to elicit laughs and smiles and baby kicks of glee
  • Have your baby spend time on a floor mat with things to reach at, look at, touch…

What’s your favourite thing to do with your 4 month old?


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