Becoming a Big Sibling

Becoming a Big Sibling

Becoming a Big Sister/Brother:⁣

A lot of people have been asking me how we prepared my older daughter for having a baby sister. Here are a few things that we did, I’m not sure what worked but thank goodness she’s in love with her sister as you can see from this picture.⁣

1. We bought a book off amazon about being a big sister that we read every night. It talks about helping mommy and daddy with shushing the baby, bringing diapers during diaper changes and so on… and she definitely is so helpful in these regards! ⁣

2. We would point out brothers and sisters everywhere we went for her to see what it would be like. ⁣
3. We got her so excited about the baby in mommy’s tummy, and her daycare teachers would talk all the time about how exciting it is that mommy had a baby in her tummy. She would always point to her own tummy when people asked where the baby was- so cute!⁣

4. We made sure she got a lot of attention from grandparents when her sister was born. She would spend a lot of fun afternoons doing special things with her grandparents so she felt extra loved. And when she came home we would try to give her as much undivided attention as we could. We were lucky because our new baby was very calm and allowed us to do this.⁣

5. We always talk about the fun things she can do with her sister when she’s older and she’s already so excited so sit next to her sister on the swing soon! ⁣

What did you do to get your children excited to be an older sibling?
Tag your friends that are having their second child! ⁣

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