Toddler Attention Spans

Toddler Attention Spans

Normal Attention Span of Toddlers:⁣

Today I got home early from work and decided that a good rainy day activity would be pizza making. It was a lot of fun, a big mess and only kept my daughter’s attention for about 7 minutes. ⁣

What is the normal attention span of a toddler? This is something I never learned in medical school. So I looked it up today and it seems that the average attention span of a toddler is 3-5 minutes times their age. This does not include their attention span for screen time, which can be much longer. So for my 2 year old, the average attention span is between 6-10 minutes, which is exactly what she proved today. ⁣

How long is your toddler’s attention span and how old is your toddler? ⁣

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