Toddler Independence

Toddler Independence

Toddler independence:⁣

I usually lay out my daughter’s clothes the night before so my husband doesn’t have to attempt to put matching clothes together 😂. This morning I come down after my husband got my daughter dressed and I see her wearing bright flowery pants and a polka dot sweater that in my personal opinion didn’t match. I looked up at my husband and he said, “she wouldn’t put on her jeans and I didn’t want to fight it so she decided she wanted the flowery pants”. ⁣
One of our parenting mottos for parenting toddlers is- pick your battles. So if you see my daughter dressed like she chose her outfit, most likely she did.⁣

Toddler independence usually shows up between 2-3 years of age. They may become frustrated when they are told no, have limits put on them or given rules to abide by. They also become very possessive (check back on my post on sharing on ⁣

The advice I give my patients and myself for helping with this newfound independence and frustration is :⁣
1. Pick your battles⁣
2. Give choices, let them feel like they are in control (ie do you want the jeans or the plain black leggings?)⁣
3. Explain BRIEFLY why something is unacceptable (they can’t understand a long explanation) ⁣
4. Lots of positive reinforcement for good behaviour ⁣
5. Some frustration is good so they can learn how problem solve (ie our daughter gets very frustrated sometimes when we tell her no, so she will cry until she realizes we won’t change our minds and then she says, “I need my blankie” and she goes and gets her blankie to help her self regulate which is great problem solving on her part)⁣

What tips do you have for toddlerhood?⁣

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