Covid Information

Covid Information

Mask safety:⁣

I just returned from grocery shopping and many people were wearing masks, however, not in the recommended way. Remember wearing a mask is only effective if done safely!⁣

1. Your mask needs to cover your nose and your mouth for it to be effective. ⁣

2. If you need to readjust your mask because it’s slipping, you need to wash your hands before AND after touching your mask!! ⁣

3. When removing your mask, first clean your hands, then ONLY remove from the ear rings as this is the least likely place to have been contaminated. After removing, wash your hands immediately. ⁣

4. If you need to take off your mask to eat or drink or take a breather, place it front side (ie dirty side) down on a clean piece of paper or tissue, like the picture above.⁣


Glove safety:⁣

So to follow up on my mask safety post, that you can find on my website under covid information or see my last post, I wanted to talk about wearing gloves during this pandemic. ⁣

The first thing to clarify is the virus cannot be contracted through intact skin. So by just having the virus on your hand does not mean you will get sick. The only way for you to contract the virus is via your mucous membranes: ie your eyes, mouth or nose. ⁣
So wearing gloves will ONLY add protection for you if you wear gloves to remind you NOT to touch your face. And then you remove your gloves safely by touching only the “cleanest” part of the gloves and then throwing them in a garbage bin (not on the ground) and washing your hands immediately after. ⁣

However, most people are wearing gloves and then touching/rubbing their eyes, or scratching their nose or putting their hands in their mouths and in fact are NOT protecting themselves. They may even be increasing their risk of transmission by giving them a false sense of security whereby they are touching more things in their environment and then accidentally touching their face. ⁣

Another way I see people using gloves improperly is, they will go to the grocery store with gloves, touch things as needed and then use their gloved hands on their phones. They then will come home, take off their gloves but continue to use their phone and then touch their face without proper hand hygiene in between and thus spread the virus. So also remember if you’re going to use your phone in public, make sure to clean it after and be cognizant that it may harbour virus on it. ⁣

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